Help us bring our plans for the Kids’ Kitchen to life

Your support will help to fund the construction of a Kids’ Kitchen to provide daily meals for 150 primary school children. Your support will end their hunger, further their education and give them hope for a brighter future. Here are a few of the key costs to build, equip and run the kitchen for its first year:





Please give to help us build a kitchen to feed hungry children in Sierra Leone

As you may have seen in the news, Sierra Leone has now been officially declared free of Ebola by the World Health Organisation. I want to personally thank you on behalf of Bread and Water for Africa UK for your generous support during this devastating epidemic.

Whilst I am sure you share my joy at this wonderful news, I have to tell you about an urgent crisis still facing thousands of families in Sierra Leone in the wake of Ebola.

Whilst in the grips of the outbreak, markets were closed and entire towns were quarantined and cut off from the outside world. Food imports ceased, local food production dropped dramatically and what little food there was rocketed in price.

Although many of the measures put in place to contain Ebola have been lifted, thousands of communities are facing terrible food shortages and hundreds of children in these areas risk dying of starvation. Tragically, malnutrition is the cause of 46% of child deaths in Sierra Leone.

The good news is that a gift of £17 to Bread and Water for Africa UK today could put food into the mouths of children who are at risk of malnutrition and incredibly vulnerable to ,preventable diseases.

We urgently need to raise £10,500 to build the Kids’ Kitchen.

With your help, we hope to raise £10,500 to build, equip and run a kitchen at the We Are the Future (WAF) Centre primary school in Freetown. Using produce from the centre’s community garden, the kitchen will provide healthy daily lunches for 150 young children at the school – some of whom have been tragically orphaned by Ebola.

The new kitchen will make such a difference to the children, keeping them healthy, happy and eager to learn. It will also be such a blessing for parents who are struggling to provide enough food for their families.


Why so many families are facing hunger in the wake of Ebola:

Food production is down and prices are up

Restrictions to people’s movement during the crisis have impacted food production. The rice harvest, for example, is expected to be 17% lower than the previous year. Food shortages have also driven prices up.

Families have more mouths to feed

Ebola has created an estimated 30,000 orphans in Sierra Leone, increasing the burden on foster families who have to stretch what little food they have even further.

More people are facing hunger

Dealing with the Ebola outbreak has had a dramatic effect on the country’s economy, resulting in higher debt, increased poverty and more dependence on foreign aid. At the beginning of 2016, an estimated 2.5 million people in Sierra Leone are facing food shortages

Your support will feed their bodies… and their minds

Hunger isn’t just threatening children’s lives today, it can cause damage that lasts a lifetime:

  • Malnutrition is the cause of 46% of child deaths in Sierra Leone.
  • Under-nourished children are more vulnerable to disease – and may die from common infections like measles and diarrhoea.
  • They are at risk of serious physical and academic developmental delays, which could affect them for the rest of their lives.
  • Hunger forces children to miss school – either through illness or family responsibilities such as caring for siblings or working to support the family’s income.




Donate Today

If you are someone who shares my concern for the welfare of vulnerable children in poor communities, I hope that you will donate whatever you can to our Kids’ Kitchen Appeal today.

Thank you for any gift you can spare.